Gradient Vera
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Tripping Girl

She tripped over a rock again.
The girl quickly got up and then
she swore she would never again
step on another rock.
She then continued her walk,
as she heard a faraway mock.
Her mood had dropped once more,
as she lied on the ground of a shore.
What was the girl waiting for?
She should return to the route,
but instead the girl blacked out.
The girl woke up, she freaked out.
There was a rock in front of her.
She didn’t expect this to occur.
Ah, little girl… If you were
to blame someone for this,
you would most likely miss.
This can only be called remiss,
and the one to blame is you.
You always know what to do,
every time you fell, you knew.

Tripping Girl
Gradient Vera
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