Gradient Vera
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It’s a feeling truly like no other…
Like a light suddenly being turned on,
on the darkest world of reality!
I believed it to be gone, unsurpassed.
But I was wrong, as I can feel it now.
And I quickly go write down this feeling…
Just to never lose sight of it again.
And you have to enjoy it while it lasts!
Such warm feeling, with no rhyme or reason…
Nor structure, neither! But tell me, who cares?
Let’s enjoy this warm moment, together!
Let’s enjoy that yes, we are still alive!
An overflowing feeling bursts my heart…
The future is bright, I have hope again…!
And I know everything will be alright.
Let’s enjoy this feel, forget our bodies!
Euphoria, enjoy it while you can!

Gradient Vera
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