Gradient Vera
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Left Out

A girl, singled out from everywhere…
That once again has turned to prayer…
Cries again, hearing all the fake cheers.
Once again she cannot stop her tears.
Used to fill the quota, she’s left out.
They don’t want her there, they’re using her!
And they are laughing behind her back.
The girl wishes to get her payback.
Without causing too much of a stir.
She just wants to be seen as normal.
She can’t keep acting so informal…!
Oh, what will the girl do about it?
As she slowly falls into the pit,
A helping hand finally appears.
“Ah, let me put an end to those tears.
It seems you and I have been left out.
Those bad people… We can do without!
Just take my hand, and it will be fine.
And as I take your hand, please take mine.
For I was sadly left out as well,
yet on that sad past I will not dwell.
Please let it go as we leave this hell.”

Left Out
Gradient Vera
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